Discover Business in the Cloud

Of all the networking solutions available to businesses, the one which has received the most attention recently is the Cloud. With capabilities like this, it’s easy to understand why:

Disaster relief and continuity. Storing your data off-site in the Cloud allows your business to recover from natural and manmade disaster scenarios at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site solutions.

Unified communication (UC). Enabling your users to collaborate seamlessly from nearly anywhere, on a variety of platforms, and on all kinds of devices could only enhance your company’s productivity.

Infrastructure as service (IaaS). Moving your IT infrastructure to a virtual environment can mean reducing cost and complexity while increasing scalability and security.

• Desktop as a service (DaaS). Embracing the virtual office model, you could simplify workstation management by empowering mobile users to access business applications and desktops from any device.

IT as service (ItaaS). Migrating your more tactical IT responsibilities — such as help desk, security, and software updates — to trained specialists in the Cloud could significantly improve time and budget management.

Is the Cloud right for your company? 

There’s only one way to know for sure whether any of these is right for your business: contact us for a complimentary analysis. If we determine the Cloud is your best solution, Data-Tel will locate the company with the optimal combination of services, security, and cost from among our more than 40 trusted Cloud solution providers.